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Helping Up Mission and DACG!

Three of Delbert Adams Construction Group’s employees, Jenni, Riki, and Ann, spent a few hours at the Helping Up Mission serving lunch to their residents. It was an enriching experience for everyone involved!

“That is an amazing place, the chef talked us through the major construction they will be doing and the resources they will be adding. I had no idea it was so massive.. it was a great time!” – Jenni

“We had a great time today!!!  The facility was amazing and the people were great.  They really appreciated us being there to volunteer.” – Ann

The Helping Up Mission does a lot of good for the city of Baltimore and has a big place in DACG’s heart. Their mission statement states that the “Helping Up Mission provides hope to people experiencing homelessness, poverty or addiction by meeting their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.”

DACG has many plans for the future with this particular charity, including many more dates for our employees to volunteer time serving lunch at their facility as well as building the security guard booth in their parking lot.

If you are interesting in learning more about the Helping Up Mission, you can visit their website at: