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When It Comes To Details, Let’s Talk About Millwork

Millwork is a beautiful and unique way to add value, function and hand-crafted design to any living space. Here, the design experts at Delbert Adams Construction Group explain millwork, and how it can elevate your home’s design.


Millwork is any product or wood piece produced in a wood mill which is created for building construction purposes. This can include a wide range of components which either fall into the category of “stock millwork,” which is mass-produced, or “architectural millwork,” which is custom-designed to best suit the needs and desires of the homeowner. Here are a few of the millwork products and pieces a homeowner could incorporate into their home design.


Crown Molding and Chair Rails

A cake without icing may still taste good, but looks and feels unfinished. The same could be said for a room without crown molding: the room is still functional, but something feels missing. Crown molding elevates the style and elegance of a room, and can suit any room design, no matter how minimal or extravagant.

Chair rails are another beautiful, hand-crafted touch that elevates any space. Once used to protect walls from damage by chairs, chair rails are now mainly decorative, and are placed on a wall approximately 36 inches from the floor. Combined with crown molding, chair rails can add much-needed texture and visual interest to a mono-colored or neutral wall.   


Banisters and Stairs

A custom-built staircase gives any entry way a feeling grandeur and class. Whether you desire a sleek, simple banister, or one that is ornately carved; stairs with a wrap-around bottom step, or a curved staircase, custom millwork can be created to match your exact specifications. Speak to your construction and design professionals to determine what type of stair-and-banister set is best for your needs. 


Delbert Adams Has the Experience and Talent to Help You Create the Home of Your Dreams

For Delbert Adams Construction Group beautiful custom homes are all in the details and custom molding is the signature of each custom home. The finer touches of home design can elevate any house into a warm and welcoming living space, which ensures that home is one where friends and family can gather for years. For an experienced, professional team of designers, carpenters and engineers, look no further than Delbert Adams Construction Group. Reach out to us today for more information!