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What to Know Before Adding an Addition to Your Home

An addition can be a wonderful way to improve the livability and value of your home. Before settling on building an addition, however, it is important to consider a few important factors. Here, the home construction and remodeling specialists at Delbert Adams explain what you should know before adding an addition to your home.

There are a Variety of Addition Types

The umbrella term “addition” covers a wide variety of addition types and designs, so it is important to know what type of addition would work best for you and your family. A room or home addition is the most commonly considered addition, and involves adding a minimum of one new room to your existing home—a new room plus bathroom is also common. An addition to a current room in your home, instead of a brand-new room. Additions can be beneficial to create a more functional kitchen or dining room, for example, or to turn a half bath into a full one. A wine room or conservatory is a type of addition that creates a sheltered outdoor-indoor space. These can be great for homeowners who want a stylish and comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors. A garage conversion takes your home’s existing garage and repurposes it into a livable room. Finally, a second-floor addition adds an entire new floor to your existing home—this can be valuable for homeowners who are adding to their family and may need significantly more space.

Certain addition styles will be more useful depending on your needs and living style. If return on investment and resale value are of concern, consider a room addition or bump-out instead of a sunroom or garage conversion. Speak to your home construction specialist to better understand the different types of additions and how they could affect your home’s value.

Adding an Addition Will Temporarily Change the Way You Live

An addition is a large undertaking, and as such it will have an impact on your day-to-day life while the project is underway. Noise, dust and other disturbances will play a part in the addition process; however, DACG works diligently to mitigate any inconveniences that may occur. If your kitchen will be impacted by the creation of an addition, make plans for how you will prepare food in the interim. Pets may need to be kenneled if the construction is too much for them. A second-floor addition is the most complex of all, and you may need to live elsewhere until the project has been completed. Each situation will be unique, but your home construction specialist will help you prepare well.

An Addition Can Provide Increased Space, Function and Value

Adding an addition can go a long way in creating space and increasing function and value. Families with children can greatly benefit from a room addition, which can become an additional bedroom or playroom. For those who wish for a more luxurious and spa-like bathroom, a bathroom addition can allow for a walk-in shower, hot tub or sauna. If you are a passionate cook, consider a kitchen addition, which will provide space for an island, additional storage, a larder, wine storage room or more. Movie-lovers would value an addition that provides space for a home theater. The opportunities are endless, and the time and effort of creating an addition pays off: studies show that nearly all the cost of a mid-range addition can be recovered at the time of sale.

You Will Need to Carefully Choose Your Addition Professionals

Before settling on an addition, you must find experienced professionals who will be able to walk you through the process, and help you to create the perfect design. The construction and addition specialists at Delbert Adams Construction Group understand how important an addition project is, and go to great lengths to ensure that the entire process proceeds quickly, smoothly and with the highest attention to detail and quality. Let us help turn your dream home into reality—contact us today for more information about how we can help.