What’s A DACG Buck?

In 2019 we launched a company-wide incentive program, which was created to increase fun, camaraderie and conversation among all of us. Our team works so hard, going above and beyond, not only for our clients, but also for each other. As such, we wanted to find a way to reward them for being part of the team.

And thus, the “DACG Buck” was born.

All employees are awarded DACG Bucks, in $10, $20 and $50 increments throughout the year when they celebrate a work anniversary, answer trivia questions, receive a shout out from a client, teammate, subcontractor or are seen doing something above and beyond.

DACG Bucks are collected throughout the year by each employee and at the end of the year party, there is a live auction for items that can be purchased with the DACG Bucks. This year, gift cards were won, pizza parties purchased, carpenter tools were available, dinner in the showroom for 6 people was awarded, and even some notable funky-fun gifts.  To spice up the auction, all the bidding on the items is done without knowing what is inside the package.

Our 2019 DACG Bucks were a mild light green color, this year the woman with the most Bucks from 2019 picked HOT PINK as 2020 signature color! She loved the idea that the guys would be walking around with HOT PINK bills. This year’s end of year auction should be great fun.

We’re so thankful for our incredible team of individuals and are glad to be able to reward them in such a playful and exciting way!