DACG’s Quarterly Team Meetings

They say, the more time you spend together, the closer you get. That sentiment certainly rings true for us!

Quarterly we gather the entire DACG team for an hour and a half breakfast meeting focused on both fun and learning.  We meet in the Sunnyfields showroom at 7:00 for breakfast and at 7:30 we hit the agenda hard.

The March meeting’s opening message focused on TCV and LCB, total customer value and lifetime customer value.  Delbert told the story of Stew Leonard, a now 7 location “farm store” who learned the lesson of TCV, the hard way.

He now (however corny) uses the rules:

#1: The Customer is always right and

#2 If the customer is wrong, refer to rule #1.

He has a several ton rock engraved with this message in front of his flagship store to remind himself, his employees and his customers of a tough story from the 80’s.

After our opening message, we celebrated anniversaries, introduced new employees, learned about the new projects across the company. We also listened intently to our new safety partner from Safety First and then, wrapped up with “Shout outs” to highlight the good work done in the past month! What a fun way to come together!

Taylor Classen, August Reichert and Delbert Adams in a picture after we celebrated August’s 10th year of dedicated service to DACG!

Our Safety Consultant, Brian Morvan!