Smart Home Technology- What did the Jetsons get right?

Flashback to Disney’s “Smart House” movie of 1999. A young boy wins a smart house, programming it to be a “surrogate mother” stopping his father from finding a new wife. He wanted his home to take care of him and his family. Flash even further back to the 60s with the Jetsons who had Rosie the robot to take care of their family and make dinner with the press of a button. What do they both have in common? A desire for our spaces and our technology to simplify our busy lives and care for us!

The pandemic has caused us all to see our homes as a safe haven, able to protect our family from the woes of the outside world. We rely on the physical space, and the protection of our doors and walls to keep us safe and secure. Now, we can also rely on Smart Home Technology to make that space even more enjoyable, easier to operate, and customized to our unique habits and desires.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart Home Technology refers to the interconnected web of devices and products that provide a homeowner with control, convenience, security, and energy efficiency. These devices form an interconnected web using WiFi and Bluetooth, enabling remote monitoring and management of appliances, heating, and lighting systems.

What are the Most Common Types of Smart Home products?


With Smart Lighting, you have the ability to turn lights off and on as well as change the temperature of the lighting to reflect your circadian rhythm using just your voice. Think about the last time you went grocery shopping. Imagine walking through the door with arms full of shopping bags and rather than waving your elbow to try to hit the switch, you just ask for the lights to come on. So much more convenient! 

In addition, the use of circadian lighting promotes holistic wellness by changing the light’s temperature to reflect that of your circadian rhythm; cooler blue hues during the day and warmer lighting during the hours when the sun is rising or setting. A healthy circadian rhythm is associated with improved long-term health because it encourages better sleep quality, giving your brain the time to repair both your mind and your body. Voice-activated lighting gives you convenience and circadian lighting promotes health! 

Touchless devices

Similar to the touchless light switches mentioned above, there are many products, such as faucets and toilets, that can be turned on and off using motion sensors. This type of technology is not only convenient (imagine not having to try to maneuver the faucet handle when your hands are dirty), touchless faucets and hands-free flushing are also much more hygienic. Fewer touches mean fewer opportunities to transfer germs.

Security, Health and Use Monitoring

Some integrated smart technology allows you to understand the statistics of the house that can ultimately affect your health. For example, you can monitor and filter the air quality inside your home which is not only helpful for individuals with respiratory issues but it is also important in the light of COVID-19 when “dirty” air particles are even more dangerous. You’ll also have insight into how your home is performing if there are any leaks or gaps, and its environmental impact. That peace of mind that comes from monitoring can also come from a smart security system by giving you the ability to watch perimeter cameras or lock and unlock your doors or windows from anywhere.

Luxury Enhancements

Smart technology not only increases the ease of interacting with your home, but it can also take some of the mundane actions and make them feel fun or downright indulgent. For example, using a smart shower or tub you can control water temperature, steam, lighting, aroma, and music all with your voice, allowing you to cultivate an experience that fits your mood: relaxing, invigorating, calming, etc. Another way to enhance your space is through the use of Smart Mirrors with voice assistance for hands-free lighting and integrated screens. Lest we forget a very accessible type of smart technology: integrated sound systems for wireless sound that is seamless between all the spaces in your home.

Love The Space You’re In

We’re all spending more time in our homes. What started as a mandate to shelter in place has now turned into a desire to have a space that you actually enjoy being in. Whether it’s a big upgrade or a series of small enhancements, you deserve to love the space you’re in. Maybe it is time to consider how Smart Home technology can help make your space safer, healthier, easier to use, and more enjoyable to be in. Whether you want a fully integrated Smart House or just want to add in a few pieces of technology at a time, Delbert Adams Construction Group can help. 

Even the smallest home remodels or renovations create an opportunity to talk through and discover the ease of engaging with Smart Home technology. Remember; while we may not be flying around Orbit City in space saucers like the Jetsons, we can all benefit from some form of smart home technology. Contact us or stop into our Sunnyfields showroom to see examples and learn more about how you can upgrade your space; bringing your dream home to life.