Fun & Funky

Do you know those people, the ones who are just magnetic, maybe a little funky and so much fun? We all love those people because they are uniquely and unapologetically themselves. They do, say, and wear what makes them happy, what brings them joy. We love those people and we love seeing those same traits illustrated through home design.

The wow spaces, the stand-out spaces, utilize unique patterns & tiles; they bring in color and sheen; they use distinct accents or design themes. When you walk into a room like this, the home owner’s personality shines brightly. Sneak a peek at a few recently completed fun and funky spaces below and let us know, which one is your favorite?

We love the balance of light and dark, of metal, wood, and marble in this kitchen, dining room combo!


Colors and patterns and sheen, oh my!


Shiny patterned wall accents paired with brightly colored cabinets, intriguing!