A man walks into a bar….

Whether stocked with alcohol, juices, coffee/tea, or interesting tinctures, a home bar can be the perfect addition to any space. Acting as a gathering space for friends and family alike, a home bar is about so much more than just a storage space for your drinking accoutrements. That is why it is so important to intentionally design this space by considering things like:

  • Will I be using this as a coffee/tea bar? Or is this a bar for imbibing?
  • Do I need a space for a refrigerator or sink for active cocktail preparation or do I need just a storage space?
  • Do I need seats, stools, or gathering space or will this be a space that is more functional than social?

No matter your answers to those questions. There is a perfect space waiting just for you. A space that allows you to craft something tasty, raise a glass, and toast to the many blessings we all have in life.

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Ready for an un-bar-eably funny joke?
A man walks into a bar. As he sits, he realizes he doesn’t have his wallet. He calls to the bartender, “Hey pal, I’ve left my wallet at home but hey… tell you what, if I can show you something incredible, will you give me a free beer in return?” The bartender looks at him with a straight face and says “Honey, we’ve been married for 30 years, do you really think anything you do will surprise me? Besides, I know exactly where your wallet is, it’s in your pants which you conveniently left on the bedroom floor.”

He stops, thinks, and says “This bar rocks. No pants or wallets required.”

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