Where Is Your Floor?

September 23, 2022

“Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling.” Your natural abilities only get you so far. Some people start with a little more talent in certain areas but it’s not what you start with that allows you to grow better and achieve more- It’s the hard work, passion, and determination to improve that makes the…

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Be Purposeful

September 30, 2022

A Joyful Life Is A Purposeful Life Living a full and joyful life doesn’t just happen, it is built on the backs of thoughtful decisions. Everything you do, big or small, can help to build the life you want or a life that feels less than fulfilling. A full life starts with ‘ful’ decisions. Take…

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The Time Is Now

October 7, 2022

“Farmers who wait for the right weather never plant.” How many times have you thought “Once I get this…” or “Once I achieve that…” or maybe even “When I finally become like them…” …then I’ll be happy or then I’ll feel accomplished or then I’ll start this project. There’s a certain comfort in trying to…

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Building The Universe

October 14, 2022

“Let us hope, it will always be like this, each of us going on in our inexplicable ways building the universe.” Mary Oliver Have you taken the time recently to think about the impact of your everyday work? It is easy to say that the measure of success is the money you bring home or…

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Once In A Life Time

October 21, 2022

一期一会 Ichi-go ichi-e If you don’t speak Japanese, let us translate for you. The four characters you see above refer to an idiom that roughly translates to “once in a lifetime” or “one meeting, one moment.” It is the cultural concept of treasuring a unique moment and the unrepeatable essence of that place in time.…

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What Choice Are You Making?

October 28, 2022

“Happiness is a choice. Happiness is a habit. And happiness is something you have to work hard at. It does not just happen.” – Leslie Jordan When we recognize unhappiness or discontent in our lives, it’s easy to blame it on the external things around us: If I only had a different job, or if…

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Might As Well Be Amusing

November 4, 2022

“You live but once; might as well be amusing.” – Coco Chanel Being serious, directed, or earnest absolutely has its time and its place, but so does amusement. Surely, even the busiest and most accomplished of us out there can spare a few minutes for that. So what are we suggesting you spare a minute…

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The Heart of the Home

December 2, 2022

Caring For Your Heart You’ve probably heard it said before that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place for a family huddle, the space to gather with friends for a cup of coffee, the space to sort mail, hang kids’ artwork, and most importantly, to cook and experience good food together!…

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Pause. Reflect. Elevate.

November 11, 2022

There are distinct moments in time that give us unique opportunities to pause and reflect; birthdays, new years, and big life changes. Reflection at each of those moments is important, but our hope is that our weekly messages to you encourage you to create mini-moments throughout your day-to-day life to do just that: pause and…

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Are you discovering or creating?

November 18, 2022

“The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation.” – Neal Donald Walsch This week on November 16th, Delbert Adams Construction Group celebrated our 15th anniversary! We recognize that we didn’t make it this far by accident, but rather by hard work, focused progression, and alongside clients…

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