DACG Blueprint Bulletin: Garden Oasis

In the midst of the novel coronavirus, many of us have found new peace in simply staying home, sitting outside to catch our breath and reflect.  Those outdoor spaces are vital to our relaxation efforts, and even more important is the setting that enhances them.   We’ve learned to entertain and enjoy our friends & family in a whole new way, following state mandates and practicing social distancing efforts. While remaining cautious of the current climate, our team of custom luxury home designers at Delbert Adams Construction group bring inspiration with some of our recent home remodels catered to beautiful outdoor spaces. 

Summer Calls for a Space to Savor the Weather

While the outdoor spaces built at DACG are ready for enjoyment in every season, summertime is the perfect time to begin your home remodel from the outside in. Don’t you love savoring those cool summer nights from the comfort of your own home? Enjoying the breeze and a beautiful sunset, drinking wine and sharing new memories with loved ones? The very premise of an oasis symbolizes something that is beautiful and nurturing in an otherwise barren environment, and that is exactly how we want our garden and outdoor spaces to feel. During this time, emotions are flying high, and there is fear, distress and uncertainty at every corner. Much of what is going on is out of our control, but one thing we can control is how we design our home as a response. Our homes have become a refuge, a safe haven for many, and designing a space that brings comfort and connects you to your surroundings may just be the perfect remedy.

The Luxury Home Contractors at DACG Are Ready to Build Your Dream Space

At DACG, our team goes through an extensive design-build process, communicating with our clients every step of the way. We are more than just a luxury home contractor, we are a community. We are your go-to company when you feel stuck within your home, experts in luxury home design across the Mid-Atlantic, and the team that you call when you are searching for a serene, luxurious oasis in your own backyard. To learn more about what the Maryland luxury home designers at DACG can do for you, contact us today.